Thor Love and Thunder: Chris Hemsworth gets MASSIVE salary hike from first movie till now

Thor Love and Thunder, the next Marvel movie, is around the corner, with Natalie Portman finally decided to return to the Thor movies and reunite with Chris Hemsworth.

The Oscar winning actress was last seen in Thor The Dark World as the God of Thunder’s love interest, five long years ago.

Thor Love and Thunder has received mostly very good reviews from the Hollywood press, with many unable to stop gushing about the movie, which also stars Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Tessa Thompson amongst others.

Chris Hemsworth has now played the iconic character of Thor in as many as seven Marvel movies, with Love and Thunder being the latest and from what we're hearing,

probably the last time we see the actor step into the shoes of the God of Thunder.

Prior to landing the role, Hemsworth's Hollywood career was stuck in the doldrums, best known probably for his bit part in Director J.J. Abrams' amazing Star Trek reboot.

Reportedly, he has been paid a whopping $20 million for Thor Love and Thunder

the gold standard minimum ball park any Hollywood actor or actress can command to be counted among the elite A-lister

as opposed to $150,000 for the first Thor movie. Isn't this the kind of appraisal and salary hike all our dreams are made of?