Every 365 Days Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Netflix's 365 Days trilogy is a series of erotic thrillers.

The first film came to prominence after it was released on Netflix in June 2020.

The trilogy comes to an end with The Next 365 Days, the final film in the series, released in August 2022.

The Next 365 Days is not only bad, it's boring.

The trilogy has been met with controversy due to their depictions of sex and lack of consent.

Despite this, the movies have become incredibly popular on Netflix.

Each 365 Days movie spent multiple weeks on the Netflix Global Top 10 Films list.

The Next 365 Days attempts to entertain with the most poorly balanced, one-sided love triangle in film history. 

The climax has none of the drama of the previous two 365 installments' conclusions.

 365 Days shocks viewers with where it is willing to go with both its story and its sex scenes.

365 Days: This Day is better than The Next 365 Days because it actually has a compelling ending.

Opening 40 minutes are mostly a collection of sex scenes, filmed in beautiful locations and edited like music videos. 

Best scene shows Massimo and Laura engaging in foreplay on the golf course.