Amazon Suspends Rings Of Power Reviews Amid Review Bomb Rumors

Amazon is holding reviews for The Rings of Power following its premiere.

Review scores for the first two episodes are mixed, with a shocking 37% audience score.

Reports of review bombing and online trolling for the series quickly arose.

Amazon is holding premiere reviews for 72 hours to weed out trolling. 

Critics have focused on Galadriel's story in the first two episodes of The Rings of Power.

Review bombing is a phenomenon that seeks to punish films or TV properties for diversity and female empowerment.

Amazon will release the review suspension in a couple of days.

Review bombing rumors have some ground, seeing as The Rings of Power has faced backlash. 

Showrunners have denied that the show is promoting a politically 'woke' message.

It's likely that the series will be redeemed in the eyes of understandably protective fans.